Quantum Software Consortium


Ada Lovelace postdoctoral fellowships with the Quantum Software Consortium


The Quantum Software Consortium (QSC) is inviting applications for its program of prestigious 3-year fellowships, called Ada Lovelace postdoctoral Fellowships, which has the explicit aim of hiring talented female researchers.


The consortium is organized around three themes of algorithmic development: for quantum computers, for quantum networks, and for quantum cryptography. A fourth hardware theme, the demonstrator, provides a distributed quantum-computing network linking the three sites of the consortium and The Hague, to test designs arising from the three software themes. World-class hardware for demonstrating quantum algorithms is furthermore available via QuTech, Leiden, and Amsterdam outside this proposal. More information is available on the Research Overview page


The subject matter of a candidate’s proposed research is free, as long as it contributes to the scientific program of the Quantum Software Consortium.


The first call for Ada Lovelace Fellowships will be open until January 31th 2019.


The appointment/contract for three years will be at one of the QSC-partners, according to the terms of employment of the Dutch Universities or that of the Research institutes. The salary, depending on experience, will approximately be between 3300 and 4852 euro gross per month, plus twice-yearly approximately a month salary bonus."


Candidates can be proposed in the following two ways:

(1) proposal by one of the QSC Senior Researchers.

(2) application by the candidate, accompanied by a supporting letter by a QSC Senior Researcher.


In both cases, the proposal should include

-  CV and list of publications,

-  description of proposed research,

-  description of embedding in the QSC (preferred location, collaborators),

-  up to three names of scientists who can be contacted for reference letters.


You can submit your application to the QSC office. Email: office@quantumsc.nl


Deadline for applications is January 31th 2019 – in the current round up to two fellowships can be granted.


More information on the fellowships can be obtained from Kareljan Schoutens, C.J.M.Schoutens@uva.nl.