Quantum Software Consortium



Welcome to the Quantum Software Consortium

Quantum Software Consortium (QSC) is a Gravitation Project of QuSoft (University of Amsterdam, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica), Leiden University and QuTech (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research). Developing new quantum software, by exploiting the counterintuitive effects of quantum mechanics, requires a unison of ideas from computer science, mathematics, and quantum physics. Large-scale efforts in the Netherlands and around the world are in progress to develop quantum technologies, as a full-blown quantum computer and large-scale quantum internet will have unprecedented computational and communication abilities. In order to achieve this move forward, forces must be combined. Therefore QSC is building a new research community in the Netherlands in Quantum Information Science.

In a video, made by several members of the quantum software consortium, researchers explain what the Quantum Software Consortium means to them, for the quantum community and how they are “programming the computer of the future”. Check out what our researchers have to say, and maybe you’d like to be a researcher or have a career in quantum software yourself !