Quantum Software Consortium

I - Software for a Quantum Computer

In Research Theme I, the QSC will develop ground breaking software to use quantum computers to perform the first useful tasks that could not be solved by any classical machine within our lifetime.



To develop software applications for small-scale quantum computers, and to develop methods that will enable the construction of large-scale quantum machines.

Theme leader

Prof.dr. Harry Buhrman (QuSoft, CWI)


Prof. dr. Carlo Beenakker (Leiden University), Prof. dr. Koen Bertels (Delft University of Technology), Prof. dr. Dirk Bouwmeester (Leiden Institute of Physics, Leiden University), Dr. Jop Briët (QuSoft, CWI), Dr. Philippe Corboz (University of Amsterdam), Prof. dr. Arie van Deursen (Delft University of Technology), Prof. dr. Ronald Cramer (Mathematics Institute, CWI),  Prof. dr. Peter Grünwald (CWI), Prof. dr. Ronald Hanson (QuTech, Delft University of Technology), Dr. Stacey Jeffery (QuSoft, CWI), Prof. dr. Monique Laurent (CWI), Prof. dr. Aske Plaat (Leiden University), Dr. Femke van Raamsdonk (VU, University Amsterdam), Prof. dr. Kareljan Schoutens (QuSoft, University of Amsterdam), Prof. dr. Florian Schreck (University of Amsterdam), Dr. Tim Taminiau (Delft University of Technology), Prof. dr. Stephanie Wehner (QuTech, Delft University of Technology), Prof. dr. Ronald de Wolf (QuSoft, CWI)


Overview and Motivation