Quantum Software Consortium

Science Committee


The Science Committee will during the course of the full 10-year program be responsible for shaping a joint scientific community identity, guarding coherence in the research program by selecting the projects in the internal calls for PhD and Postdoc Positions. It will be instrumental in organizing joint scientific activities such as QSC colloquia, workshops, retreats and conferences. The joint scientific activities will be distributed among all partner locations. The QSC expect these activities to have a worldwide impact. There is abundant experience present within the QSC consortium, as several members have founded and/or served on conference program committees that have been crucial in shaping the field of Quantum Information Science


Members of the Science Committee are:

Prof. dr. Dirk Bouwmeester (Leiden Institute of Physics, Leiden University)

Prof. dr. Ronald Cramer (Mathematical Institute, Leiden University & CWI)

Prof. dr. Ronald Hanson (QuTech, Delft University of Technology)

Prof. dr. Kareljan Schoutens (QuSoft, University of Amsterdam)

Prof. dr. Stephanie Wehner (QuTech, Delft University of Technology, chair)

Prof. dr. Ronald de Wolf (QuSoft, CWI, University of Amsterdam)