Quantum Software Consortium

IV - Quantum Software Demonstrators

In Research Theme IV, the QSC will demonstrate the newly developed software. The QSC aims to affirm its world-leading position by realizing the world’s first truly quantum network, by connecting the cities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft and The Hague.



To build and exploit a truly quantum network, and to test quantum algorithms.  


Theme leader

Prof. dr. Ronald Hanson (QuTech, Delft University of Technology)


Overview and Motivation

Our consortium aims to develop quantum software that has an impact on real-world technology. We thus invest in a world-wide unprecedented synergy between theory and experiment throughout the project. We strongly believe that close interactions between the theory and implementation will heavily benefit both sides, and will enable the establishment of a strong, nation-wide basis for the realization of quantum technologies.


In 2014, the Dutch government made quantum technologies into a ‘National Icon’ project. This provided a huge momentum to develop hardware for large-scale quantum technologies, significantly boosting this strong Dutch cluster in Delft. Our proposal capitalizes on this world-class expertise by implementing quantum computer software and quantum network software on several “demonstrator” hardware platforms.



Build a small “quantum internet” and demonstrate protocols: the quantum internet demonstrator.

We will build and exploit a quantum network connecting the three cities hosting the consortium, Amsterdam, Leiden and Delft, as well as The Hague, home of the Dutch government. The network will consist of optical fibers at telecom wavelengths connecting multi-qubit processor nodes. Whereas existing state-of-the-art network demonstrations from all around the world (such as the Beijing-Shanghai link) consist of purely point-to-point connections, our network will be the first that is truly quantum, enabling the generation of heralded entanglement between multiple nodes as required for implementing quantum network software. In this sense, our network will be the first small “quantum Internet”.