Quantum Software Consortium


The consortium is organized around three themes of algorithmic development: for quantum computers, for quantum networks, and for quantum cryptography. A fourth hardware theme, the demonstrator, provides a the quantum hardware to test the quantum network protocols and quantum algorithms that we design in the three software themes.



The research program consists of the four research themes: software for a quantum computer, software for quantum networks, cryptography in a quantum world, and quantum software demonstrators. These themes are well on track and a summary of their progress is given below. Within each theme a great deal of new cooperation between the different nodes (Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft) of the project has emerged. This is possible due to the Gravitation funding. The real additional advantage that the Gravitation funding will give us is the forming of a research community, well underway but not yet finished, which will implement the research cycle with projects across these four themes. This cycle has already started to turn. An example of this is the experiments that have been set-up on quantum protocols for location verification protocols by Amsterdam and Leiden, spanning 3 across themes one, two, three, and four. Similar projects are underway implementing quantum algorithms on nearterm devices, connecting theme one and four.