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Upcoming events

  • NMC 2021 - Dutch Mathematical Congress

    The organizing committee of NMC (Dutch Mathematical Congress) has composed a programme containing various online activities at different times during the year: we proudly present the NMC 2021 Series ! Starting date 28 January 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00 with the Stieltjes Prize award ceremony. For more information and registration please visit the website: https://mathematischcongres.nl/

  • Useful Quantum Computation For Quantum Chemistry

    - Winner CECAM-Lorentz call 2020 -
    22 - 26 February 2021
    It has been claimed that Quantum computers have crossed the supremacy barrier [1], solving a problem intractable
    on classical computers in any reasonable amount of time. However, the problem in question, random quantum circuit simulation,
    is of little interest to the wider world.

    Hendrik Antoon Lorentz voor een collegebord met formules met tensoren uit de algemene relativiteitstheorie. Het boek is mogelijk een deel van zijn leerboek Beginselen der natuurkunde.

  • NMC Speed dates with Industry

    Last March, the Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC 2020) was cancelled due to COVID-19; a hard decision, but the proper one, since the “intelligent lockdown” was initiated a week later. Since it is not clear if NMC 2021 can take plan on location, the organizing committee has composed a programme containing various online activities at different times during the year: we proudly present the NMC 2021 Series 

    The NMC Series 2021 consists of: Speed dates with Industry (online)



  • NMC 2021 (Dutch Mathematical Congress)

    Two days with keynote lectures and parallel sessions (online, if possible hybrid: online and at Van Der Valk Hotel Utrecht). The keynote lectures will be delivered by

    1. Assaf Naor (Princeton University)
    2. Laure Saint-Raymond (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
    3. Bernd Sturmfels (Max-Planck Institute, Leipzig and University of California, Berkeley)

    The Brouwer Medal will be awarded to David John Aldous (University of California, Berkeley).

    The Beeger lecture will be given by David Harvey (UNSW, Sydney).

    Two other events are still being planned within the the NMC 2021 Series: A “What’s Cooking” session with updates from the Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN), the PWN Committee Research, and European Women in Mathematics; and the “Docentendag”.

    The NMC is being made possible thanks to generous financial support from NWO domain Science, obtained via PWN.



  • Networks Conference 2021