Quantum Software Consortium

Upcoming events

  • Quantum Quest for highschool students starts at October 30.

    UvA, QuSoft and QSC are organizing The Quantum Quest, a four-week web class for high school students (5-VWO and 6-VWO). Starting October 30, 2020, we will take you on an adventure to learn the basics of quantum computing. At the end, you will understand what quantum bits and algorithms are and what they are good for. To participate, please register by October 12 at www.quantum-quest.nl.

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  • QSC/SFB Conference

    The Quantum Software Consortium and BeyondC: Quantum Information Systems Beyond Classical Capabilities will organise a joint conference in Innsbruck for QSC members.

  • 4th QSC General Assembly - online

    Johannes Borregaard (Qutech, Delft) and David Elkouss Coronas (Qutech, Delft) are organizing a Scientific Programme for this fourth General Assembly. This assembly will be fully online.


      Stacey Jeffery Team — QuEra      


  • QSC online Quantum training and Junior Day.

    We will organise a Quantum Software Consortium (QSC) online training related to quantum internet. We are delighted to have Ronald de Wolf (Amsterdam) and Wolfgang Löffler (Leiden) as the key lecturers on Monday November 30 and in the morning of Tuesday December 1st.


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