Quantum Software Consortium

Talent & Outreach Committee


The Talent & Outreach Committee will take up such tasks as structuring and coordinating the portfolio of QSC educational programs and outreach activities. The Committee will be assisted by the QSC coordinator and will heavily work with the local graduate schools. Educational activities will include courses in the regular curricula of the participating universities as well as online education (MOOCs) and summer schools. 

Members of the Talent & Outreach Committee are:

Drs. Doutzen Abma (Project Coordinator QSC)

Dr. Henk Buisman (Leiden University)

Dr. ir. Julia Cramer (Leiden University)

Prof. dr. Martin van Exter (Leiden University)

Drs. Bart Groeneveld (University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Leonie Hussaarts (QuTech, Delft University of Technology)

Dr. Christian Schaffner (QuSoft, University of Amsterdam, chair)

Dr. ir. Yvonne Smit (QuSoft, CWI)