Quantum Software Consortium

Legal & Societal Sounding Board


The mission of the QSC poses highly relevant legal challenges as well as a societal and ethical issues. Quantum information shall be expected to adhere to the modern day computer ethics. However, aspects that are unique to quantum information processing may give rise to ethical and legal issues that transcend the current situation.

The QSC recognizes these challenges and addresses them by creating a special Legal & Societal Sounding Board to support ‘responsible innovation’ through adding a small research and education program.

This program, along with addressing these issues throughout the QSC research themes, is safeguarded by the Legal and Societal Sounding Board.


Members of the Legal & Societal Sounding Board are:

Prof. dr. Dennis Broeders (Leiden University)
Prof. dr. Joris van Hoboken (University of Amsterdam, Chair)
Prof. dr. Jeroen van den Hoven (TU Delft)

Prof. dr. Vanessa Mak (Leiden University)
Prof. ir. Deborah Nas (TU Delft)
Prof. dr. mr. Janne Nijman (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. dr. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne (Leiden University)