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  • Talk from the Women in Quantum Development (WIQD) world.

    Inspirational Talk from the Women in Quantum Development (WIQD) world.

    This event is organised by the WIQD-organisers: https://www.wiqd.nl/.

  • WIQD world with Marta P Estarellas at Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

    Inspirational Talk from the Women In Quantum Development (WIQD) world with Marta P Estarellas,

    Senior Quantum Engineer at Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. 


  • Quantum Network Explorer launch event

    QuTech is launching World’s first Quantum Network Explorer. Experience the Quantum Network Explorer platform, get hands-on and explore applications of quantum networks, and get inspired by the leading academics and the latest generation of innovators with a showcase of the work that will transform the future of the internet.

  • Big Meetup: "The Future Quantum Workforce"

    Quantum.Amsterdam organises a Big Meetup, where four speakers will give special attention to Quantum Education. Each speaker with his or her own expertise, varying from high school education, towards MSc programs and courses for business, will give answer to the question: "How to build the Future Quantum Workforce?"

  • 6th QSC General Assembly 2021

    On November 5, 2021, Leiden will host the 6th QSC General Assembly, organized by Peter Bruin and Wolfgang Löffler. You may expect exciting presentations also from new QSC members (a.o. Gayane Vardoyan and Jonas Helsen), from fundamental mathematics to experimental quantum optics. Barbara Terhal will give a key note on  Quantum Error Correction and Fault-Tolerance.

  • 4th QSC Junior Day

    The Quantum Software Consortium (QSC) brings together scientists with backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, engineering and physics. To that end, the 4th QSC Junior Day will be held on Tuesday, September 28. We invite all junior researchers (Masters, PhD students, Post-Docs) to join us on this exciting day full of informal interaction, interesting talks and more.

  • 11th Quantum Cryptography - QCrypt 2021

    Due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been decided to hold QCrypt 2021 again as a virtual conference (possibly with an option for a limited in-person participation if circumstances permit). This ensures that contributing to and participation in the conference is possible for everyone.

  • 5th QSC General Assembly 2021

    On June 4th 2021, the fifth QSC General Assembly will take place on Quantum Networks. This assembly will take place online, so participants from all over the world with an interest in quantum networks are invited to participate. The keynote speaker will be David Peréz-García, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

  • 2nd Quantum Training Days on Quantum Communication

    Quantum Training Days: Quantum communication.

    The lectures will be given by David Elkouss and Johannes Borregaard who together will cover both implementation and applications of quantum networks.


       Johannes Borregaard_QuTech


  • Dutch Royal Mathematical Society PhD Prize

    Every year, the Dutch Royal Mathematical Society (KWG) invites six PhD candidates to present their research at the Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC). A jury of mathematicians from various fields chooses a winner. The jury, chaired by Prof. Frank Redig, selected among others QSC postdoc Yfke Dulek (UvA, QuSoft).

  • Dutch Mathematical Congres - What's cooking part 2

    In the second session of "What's cooking?" on Tuesday 11 May 16.00-17.00 NMC (Dutch Mathematical Congres) will give an update on the developments at Platform Wiskunde Nederland, the upcoming research visitation, and the plans and activities of Mastermath and Indagationes.

  • Pythagoras Prize Award Ceremony - Dutch Mathematical Congres

    The Pythagoras prize for the best high school final project in mathematics is annually awarded by Pythagoras. On Friday April 23rd from 15.30-17.00 the three nominated candidates will present their final project.

  • NMC 2021 (Dutch Mathematical Congress)

    Two days with keynote lectures and parallel sessions online. There will be a session on April 6, 11:00–12:30, representing the Quantum Software Consortium:



    The keynote lectures will be delivered by

    1. Assaf Naor (Princeton University)
    2. Laure Saint-Raymond (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
    3. Bernd Sturmfels (Max-Planck Institute, Leipzig and University of California, Berkeley)

    The Brouwer Medal will be awarded to David John Aldous (University of California, Berkeley).

    The Beeger lecture will be given by David Harvey (UNSW, Sydney).

    Two other events are still being planned within the the NMC 2021 Series: A “What’s Cooking” session with updates from the Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN), the PWN Committee Research, and European Women in Mathematics; and the “Docentendag”. The NMC is being made possible thanks to generous financial support from NWO domain Science, obtained via PWN.




  • QSC 3rd Junior Day

    On April 1st, the QSC PhD students (Guus Avis, Sebastian de Bone, Fenglei Gu, Sophie Hermans) from QuTech/TU Delft organise a third edition of the Junior Day for all junior researchers in quantum computing.

  • Mathematics for a Better World !

    UNESCO has declared 14 March, also known as Pi Day, as the International Day of Mathematics. In the second edition of the International Day of Mathematics on March 14, 2021, we will celebrate Mathematics for a Better World. We are happy to invite you to our official celebration, organised by EWM-NL taking place online in the
    afternoon of March 15th.

  • NMC Speed dates with Industry

    On March 11th from 16.00-18.00h all PhD students, postdocs, academic staff and master students in the final stage of their studies are invited to have speed dates with companies like VORTech, Marin, IMC, Optiver, CMQ and Sioux

    Technologies during the NMC Event Speed Dating with Industry.


  • "What's cooking?" session

    Chair: Barry Koren

    In this “What’s Cooking?” session we will inform you about the following topics in the Dutch mathematics community:

    • the upcoming Research Assessment Mathematics
    • developments at Platform Wiskunde Nederland
    • plans and activities of the Dutch section of European Women in Mathematics
    13:30 – 13:45  Update from PWN Commissie Onderzoek by Jan-Bouwe vd Berg
    13:45 – 14:00  Update from PWN by Wil Schilders
    14:00 – 14.15  European Women in Mathematics by Maria Vlasiou
    14:15 – 14.30  Questions / discussion


    Register via https://mathematischcongres.nl/event/whats-cooking/

  • Useful Quantum Computation For Quantum Chemistry

    - Winner CECAM-Lorentz call 2020 -
    22 - 26 February 2021
    It has been claimed that Quantum computers have crossed the supremacy barrier [1], solving a problem intractable
    on classical computers in any reasonable amount of time. However, the problem in question, random quantum circuit simulation,
    is of little interest to the wider world.

    Hendrik Antoon Lorentz voor een collegebord met formules met tensoren uit de algemene relativiteitstheorie. Het boek is mogelijk een deel van zijn leerboek Beginselen der natuurkunde.

  • NMC 2021 - Dutch Mathematical Congress

    The organizing committee of NMC (Dutch Mathematical Congress) has composed a programme containing various online activities at different times during the year: we proudly present the NMC 2021 Series ! Starting date 28 January 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00 with the Stieltjes Prize award ceremony. For more information and registration please visit the website: https://mathematischcongres.nl/

  • Physics@Veldhoven 2021 goes digital.

    Physics@Veldhoven 2021 gaat digitaal en vindt plaats op 18, 19 en 20 januari 2021.

    Dit jaar is het thema 'the Magic of Physics'. Dit congres omspant alle aspecten van de natuurkunde en is het grootste in zijn soort in Nederland. Traditioneel wordt jonge onderzoekers de kans gegeven zichzelf en hun werk te presenteren naast vermaarde namen uit de Nederlandse en internationale natuurkundewereld.