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The Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics (DRSTP) is organizing its annual events from 13-17 May in Wageningen.

Due to generous support of the Lorentz Fund, we are able to offer limited fellowships for talented MSc students in Theoretical Physics.


Dear MSc students,


The Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics (DRSTP) is organizing its annual PhD School from 13-17 May, 2024, in Wageningen. The school features parallel and plenary lectures for all theoretical physics students by excellent lecturers. The school includes participation in the DRSTP symposium “Trends in Theory” which is held on 16 and 17 May. The symposium will caleidoscope theoretical physics research in the Netherlands, covering recent developments in condensed matter physics, theoretical high energy physics, quantum computing, and machine learning. All students are invited to participate in the poster sessions showing their research and participate in the round table discussion on artificial intelligence.


This is to notify you that for both the PhD school and the Symposium there are limited fellowships available for MSc students thanks to generous support by the Lorentz fund. Deadlines for applying for such fellowships are March 29 and April 4, respectively. More info on the event, registration, and details on how to apply for the fellowships are available here: https://www.drstp.nl/events/phd-school-and-symposium/


Note: please make sure to complete the fellowship application procedure in time (preferably well before the final deadline of April 19), since the process also requires a short endorsement sent by your supervisor.


Many thanks in advance and with best regards,


Frank Saueressig (Chair DRSTP Governing Board)

Jasper van Wezel (Chair DRSTP Educational Board)

Rembert Duine (Scientific director DRSTP)



When: Monday May 13th, 2024  -  Friday May 17th, 2024
Where: Wageningen: Hotel WICC, Lawickse Allee 9