Quantum Software Consortium

2nd Quantum Training Days on Quantum Communication

Quantum Training Days: Quantum communication.

The lectures will be given by David Elkouss and Johannes Borregaard who together will cover both implementation and applications of quantum networks.


   Johannes Borregaard_QuTech


To ensure reliable long-distance quantum communication, a so-called quantum repeater is needed. In Johannes’ lectures, we will move from the basics of a standard two-way quantum repeater to more advanced architectures involving multiplexing and entanglement purification. Various schemes for entanglement generation, entanglement swapping and their potential realizations in hardware will be discussed. Finally, other types of quantum repeaters such as one-way quantum repeaters will be introduced and discussed.


Given reliable quantum connections, David Elkouss will address the question of what to use them for in his lectures. Specifically, we will discuss quantum key distribution (QKD) which is arguably one of the key applications of quantum communication. We will start by introducing it in the idealized asymptotic setting to get familiar with the general concept of QKD. From there, we will move to more realistic scenarios with finite key effects, discussing QKD with decoy states along the way.


This training is free for QSC members. You can register before May 26 by filling in this form.

When: Thursday May 27th, 2021  -  Friday May 28th, 2021
Time: 09:30 - 12:30
Where: online