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Quantum.Amsterdam: How to build the future quantum workforce?

Quantum.Amsterdam organises a Big Meetup. In this Big Meetup four speakers will give special attention to Quantum Education. Each speaker with his or her own expertise, varying from high school education, towards MSc programs and courses for business, will give answer to the question: "How to build the Future Quantum Workforce? 

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"Quantum Science and Technology is a rapidly developing field at the intersection of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science. How do you educate students so that they are best prepared and can successfully contribute to the growing quantum industry? In this interactive talk I will introduce the new multidisciplinary MSc programme on Quantum Information Science & Technology (QIST) that Delft and Leiden University are currently developing together, with lots of room for questions from and discussion with the audience”.

"At the upcoming Big Meetup, I will share my vision of what a mature quantum ecosystem will look like, and highlight various programmes that (re)train people for a quantum career. Quantum.Amsterdam has experience ranging from the Workshop General Awareness, which prepares people with non-technical backgrounds, to highly advanced hackathons and master's courses, and we seek to expand the educational catalogue even more. Together with the speakers and the audience, I hope to enter a discussion on what next steps should be taken”.

Quantum Mechanics is not part of the compulsory learning package for high school students. Therefore, Henk Buisman will tell you what you can do as a teacher and as a student to stimulate quantum knowlegde and learn more about it. There are several programs created for high schools, like Quantum Rules and The Quantum Quest. Henk will tell you why it's so important to create awareness about the topic in such an early stage of a student's career, if we want to build a robust and large future quantum workforce.

And finally, We are happy to announce Jacob as one of our speaker for this Big Meetup Event. Jacob Sherson is a professor at Aarhus University and the founder of ScienceAtHome, a Citizen Science project based in Aarhus University. Citizen Science is science propelled by regular people – at ScienceAtHome this happens via computer games, where players help Jacob and his team solve complex scientific problems.

In 2017 Jacob won the Danish Resarch Communication Prize, for his effort in communicating advanced physics research to the general public. Through the games Jacob tries to narrow the gap between scientists and the average Dane, presenting people to complex science in a fun way.

Quantum physics is complex and weird, but Jacob’s hope is that people will become able to accept this – instead of letting it scare them off – from playing his games.

Apart from narrowing the gap between science and everyday life, the ScienceAtHome games also contribute to solving complex scientific problems. The human mind has ways of working, that the computers of today cannot imitate, and these skills are what Jacob and his team want to utilize in their research.

Jacob has a passion for uncovering interdisciplinary connections between science, technology and society and enjoys mentoring. As part of the EU Quantum Flagship programme, Jacob thinks along on how we can teach about quantum best.


Date: April 6, 2022
Time: 15:00 - 17:00 - Networking & free drinks afterwards!
Location: Start Up Village, Amsterdam Science Park
Costs: free
Registration form: https://forms.office.com/r/9Er4TzVeHd

When: Wednesday April 6th, 2022
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Where: Start Up Village, Amsterdam Science Park