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Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023 - Call for Submissions

QCTiP fosters meaningful collaboration between academic theorists and industry practitioners to define the pathway from the possible to the practical in quantum computing. Quantum Computing devices have made remarkable progress over the past five years. Multiple groups have demonstrated noisy intermediate noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) devices and algorithms. We’re now at the beginning of the path toward large error corrected quantum computers.

QCTIP 2023 Call for Submissions

The field of quantum computing is at an extremely exciting stage: quantum hardware performance continues to improve dramatically, and new theoretical developments are bringing practical applications of that hardware closer to reality. Yet much theoretical work remains to be done to unlock the true power of quantum computers.

The third Quantum Computing Theory in Practice (QCTIP) workshop will be held at the Jesus College, University of Cambridge, UK, 17-19 April 2023. Continuing the previous series of Heilbronn quantum algorithms meetings (2010-2019) hosted in Bristol and Cambridge, QCTIP fosters discussion between theorists and practitioners of quantum computing. The workshop includes keynote speakers, invited and contributed talks from academia and industry, a poster session and a panel discussion.

To register for the conference (including submission of a contributed poster), please go to




When: Monday April 17th, 2023  -  Wednesday April 19th, 2023
Where: Jesus College, University of Cambridge, UK