Quantum Software Consortium

QSC 9th General Assembly in Leiden

On Friday June 23, Leiden will host the 9th QSC General Assembly, organized by Wolfgang Löffler (LION, Leiden), Lisa Kohl (CWI, Amsterdam) and Doutzen Abma (CWI, Amsterdam). You may expect exciting presentations from fundamental mathematics to experimental quantum optics. The following speakers have confirmed:

Dirk Bouwmeester, Shane Gibbons, Jelena Mackeprang and Hemant Sharma.


Prof. dr. Dirk Bouwmeester | Quantum Software Consortium   ShaneGibbons-color_1_of_1_.JPG   Jelena-Mackeprang-color_1_of_1_.JPG   Windows Photo Editor 10.0.10011.16384

Dirk Bouwmeester            Shane Gibbons                Jelena Mackeprang           Hemant Sharma




10:00 Coffee + games

10:30 Opening

10:40 Shane Gibbons (Cryptology/CWI): Post quantum cryptography: classical fixes for quantum breaks

Abstract herebelow


11:10 Coffee/Tea

11:40 Poster pitches, put up posters


12:30 Lunch + Coffee


14:00 Jelena Mackeprang (QuSoft, CWI): Floquet quantum error correcting codes.

14:30 Hemant Sharma (QuTech, TU Delft): Ebit saving in distributed quantum computations.


15:00 Tea/Coffee

15:30 Dirk Bouwmeester (Leiden Univ, UCLA Santa Barbara): Quantum information science with rare earth ions.


16:00 Poster + drinks

16:55 Closing by Lisa Kohl (Cryptology, CWI) and Wolfgang Löffler (LION, Leiden Univ)


17:00 Drinks and snacks

19:00 End 


Abstract Shane Gibbons - Post Quantum Cryptography: Classical Solutions to Quantum Breaks. 
Quantum computing may soon render our current standards of public key cryptography insecure. Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is the development of alternative cryptographic schemes thought to be secure against adversaries with a quantum computer. Cryptology involves continuously making and breaking newer and more efficient schemes, to hopefully be widely accepted and standardised. Three hardness assumptions that have survived intense scrutiny include lattice-, code-, and isogeny-based cryptography.
This talk will be an overview of the classical algorithms considered secure against an adversary with a quantum computer, with a closer look at the Lattice Isomorphism Problem as a potential hardness assumption.


When: Friday June 23rd, 2023
Time: 10:00 - 19:00
Where: Scheltema, Leiden: https://www.scheltemaleiden.nl/