Quantum Software Consortium

Call for abstracts - Quantum Networks Workshop

With the biennial Quantum Networks Workshop (QNW), we want to strengthen the quantum networking community and accelerate the development of quantum networking technology. We will do so by bringing together people from all sub-fields of the community for an open exchange of knowledge and discussion of challenges and future opportunities of quantum networks in a broad sense.



The first Quantum Networks Workshop will take place July 19-21 2023 at The Wylie Center, MA, USA. Please fill out the form at this link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegaroAwGbkwstyLQJuZgk5MgxFvY39Ldke-uCGh5RS81LEXw/viewform) to apply to attend the conference, or to contribute a talk or poster presentation by May 22nd 2023.


About the workshop


The QNW is a 3-day workshop with a mix of invited and contributed talks to ensure balanced input from all sub-fields including:

• applications of quantum networks

• quantum repeaters

• quantum computing networks

• integrated quantum photonics

• emerging platforms

• space-based quantum networking

• quantum network software and simulation.


The workshop also includes contributed poster sessions for stimulating the interaction and discussions between participants. After each workshop, a public white paper on promising opportunities of quantum networking technology will be distilled from the input of the participants. Registration is free thanks to the sponsorship by the AWS Center of Quantum Networking.


Steering Committee: Babak Saif (NASA), Krister Shalm (NIST), Niel Zimmerman (NIST), Peter van Loock (Mainz University), Elham Kashefi (CNRS and University of Edinburgh), Jeff Thompson (Princeton University), Sven Rogge (University of New South Wales), Anne Broadbent (University of Ottowa), Jevon Longdell (University of Otago), Marco Loncar (Harvard University), Yuao Chen (University of Science and Technology of China), Johannes Borregaard (QuTech, Delft University of Technology), Bart Machielse (AWS Center of Quantum Networking), Carsten Robens (AWS Center of Quantum Networking), Mihir Bhaskar (AWS Center of Quantum Networking)

When: Wednesday July 19th, 2023  -  Friday July 21st, 2023
Where: The Wylie Center, MA, USA