Quantum Software Consortium

Nederlands Mathematisch Centrum Scientific Days, 11 & 12 April 2023

The next Nederlands Mathematics Congres (NMC, Dutch Mathematical Congress) will take place on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 April in 2023. Next to three interesting keynote speakers, the Brouwer medal will be awarded. There will be sessions by the Mathematics Clusters, Gravitation programmes (QSC and Networks) and AIM, inspiring workshops for PhD students, Speed dates with Industry and a poster competition.


The website https://mathematischcongres.nl/ will be filled with more information during the coming weeks.

QSC will organise a QSC session at NMC'23 with three speakers:

Gayane Vardoyan, TU Delft (QuTech)
Lisa Kohl, CWI, Amsterdam
Casper Gyurik, LIACS, Univ Leiden 


When: Tuesday April 11th, 2023  -  Wednesday April 12th, 2023
Where: Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht Winthontlaan 4-6, 3526 KV Utrecht