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Inaugural lecture Stacey Jeffery: 'Quantum algorithms are a (random) walk in the park'

On 17 May, Stacey Jeffery (CWI, QuSoft, UvA) holds her inaugural lecture as a professor by special appointment of Quantum Information at the University of Amsterdam on ‘Quantum algorithms are a (random) walk in the park’.



Regarding Stacey Jeffery's inaugural speech, the UvA announces:

Quantum computers will be able to solve certain problems much faster than regular (classical) computers, sometimes so fast that a problem that took so long as to be considered totally infeasible to solve, will be solvable in minutes, Jeffery states in her inaugural lecture. This is because we have fast quantum algorithms for these problems, and we are continually searching for more, but this is difficult, because our understanding of quantum algorithms is still very much in development.


Random walks, where a metaphorical "walker" wanders from place to place looking for a place with a particular recognizable property, are used to model many classical algorithms. Such random walks can also inspire quantum algorithms that are faster than their classical counterparts, called quantum walk algorithms. It turns out that actually all quantum algorithms can be cast as some very general kind of quantum walk algorithm, where now randomness can be positive or negative, with the possibility for strange and wonderful interference patterns, like waves rippling through a lake.


Prof. Stacey Jeffery is professor by special appointment in Quantum Information at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to the professorship, Stacey Jeffery is also affiliated with Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands, as a senior researcher for four days a week. She is also a member of QuSoft.


More information

Stacey Jeffery's inaugural lecture 'Quantum algorithms are a (random) walk in the park' will take place at the UvA Aula (Lutherse kerk). It will be streamed live on 17 May, starting at 16.30h, through a link to the event on the UvA website.