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Quantum Rules welcomed the physics class of VASVU: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Last year the visitor’s lab Quantum Rules was closed due to COVIDS-19 regulations. In summer there was a short period of relief. On June 22, Leiden University welcomed the physics class (about 15 students) of VASVU:

Voorbereidend jaar anderstaligen – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

This class of Sabina Chita has a somewhat anticyclic annual time table. A visit would fit perfectly in their scheme. As in previous years (Sabina is a regular visitor) I am impressed with the level of understanding of the Dutch language of the group, and also of the positive atmosphere in the group. The students came theoretically well prepared. The students expressed that actually doing the experiments helped them in a broader understanding of quantum. At the end of the day there is time for a group photo. Everybody smile! The VIS version is for their eyes only. The NIR-version is AVG-proof, although the picture may reveal that one of students may need an extra test. I hope it was just the excitement of the day.