Quantum Software Consortium


Report of an exchange student of AIMS: Crownie Ocha Eme


After much anticipation, I finally arrived in Amsterdam on September 15, 2021 for my research master project at QuSoft/CWI. My project was very exciting.

It unified many interesting areas in Mathematics such as game theory, representation theory and quantum physics. I also consider myself very lucky to have had Jop Briët as my supervisor, as he welcomed of all my ideas during our discussions and answered all my numerous questions.


Additionally, I enjoyed living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam especially, cycling around to get groceries or to catch the metro to work. It made me feel healthier and fit. Throughout my stay, there was never a time that I was homesick. On a personal level, I interacted with lots of quantum researchers and other international students.

I learnt about their different cultures and and their journey as quantum researchers through conversations with them. From these conversations, I developed several ideas on how to drive the interest in quantum science back in my home country.


Lastly, I had the amazing opportunity to see a real-life quantum computer during my lab tour at Delft and this further highlighted the importance of good research for me. Overall I have had an eye-opening experience and would like to thank QuSoft/CWI, AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) and QSC for this amazing opportunity.


Crownie Ocha Eme