Quantum Software Consortium


Report on the 6th QSC Junior Day by Vicky Dominguez Tubio

The 6th QSC Junior Day was held on a rainy day in Leiden, which made the welcoming warm tea and coffee perfect to shake off the feeling of wetness and cold.  After eating some fruit and cookies, to recover from the bike/walk from the station, Tim Coopmans started the round of talks explaining how entanglement works and its different challenges.


Yvonne Smit was the second speaker of the day and she explained how we can present our research such that the audience does not lose its attention on the way to the final slide.

After that, we had some really nice poke (not sandwiches for a change), and the opportunity to socialize and get to know each other.

The last part of the talk session was started by Prof. Martin van Exter who introduced to us Fabry-Perot cavities and quantum dots and how they can work as almost deterministically single photon sources.

Finally, Liubov Markovich put an end to the talks by showing her results on quantum phase estimation.

By the end of the day, we had a yoga workshop and some pizzas, where we had the opportunity to enjoy the company of our fellow PhDs, postdocs and master students in a more relaxing environment!



Vicky Dominguez Tubio,

2nd-year PhD student at QuTech, Delft.