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  • UvA-IoP and QuSoft researcher Florian Schreck wins Physica Prize.

    The 2024 Physica Prize was awarded to UvA-IoP and QuSoft researcher Florian Schreck. Schreck receives the prize for his work on Bose Einstein condensates and their applications, such as building a coherent and continuous atom laser. The prize will be awarded during the annual FYSICA conference in Eindhoven on 12 April.

  • Several projects of QSC members won Quantum Delta NL award.

    “The second Quantum Technology call was a great success. The successful proposals are spread across various areas of expertise and of application of quantum technology, and they all feed into the three catalyst projects of Quantum Delta NL. Both the quality of the proposals and the success rate are very high. This is very motivating for the researchers and will significantly increase their involvement with QDNL.” says Servaas Kokkelmans.

  • VWO-scholier Jens Sas scoort hoge ogen bij webklas Quantum Quest.

    VWO-leerling Jens Sas heeft vanuit het vak informatica meegedaan met de Quantum Quest. Hij behaalde daar een bijzonder hoog resultaat. Een knappe prestatie voor Jens uit 5 VWO van het Tabor Oscar Romero in Hoorn ! 

    Bron: Rodi.nl/Hoorn


  • Quantum en de wereld op zijn kop: podcast van Robbert Dijkgraaf.

    Voor deze speciale editie van de Planet B podcast ging Thomas van Dijk (Waag Futurelab) in gesprek met demissionair minister van onderwijs, cultuur en wetenschap Robbert Dijkgraaf. Wat volgde was een gesprek over hoe kwantum ons wereldbeeld veranderde, en hoe nieuwe kwantumtechnologie dat in de toekomst kan gaan doen.

  • Quantum Application Lab Secures SESA Grant for Quantum Computing Application Development.

    The Quantum Application Lab (QAL) is proud to receive the “Subsidie Economische Structuur en Arbeidsmarktversterking” (SESA) grant, a significant financial boost of 1.2 million euros, awarded by the Amsterdam municipality. 

  • World-renowned quantum researcher Harry Buhrman takes on new position in London's business community.

    As of 15 December 2023, quantum researcher Harry Buhrman (CWI, QuSoft and UvA) will start a new position as Chief Scientist Quantum Algorithms & Innovation at Quantinuum. "CWI is a wonderful place,” he says. "I'm really leaving with pain in my heart. At the same time, I am very much looking forward to my new work in London".

  • Research on quantum computers: QSC Leiden researcher Vedran Dunjko has received a Consolidator Grant from the ERC.

    Vedran Dunjko is researching the combination of machine learning with quantum computing. This could potentially offer great acceleration in simulating complicated quantum mechanical systems such as molecules, materials and interactions between elementary particles in atomic nuclei.  Dunjko and colleagues want to find out in which cases these benefits can actually be reaped.

  • 10th QSC General Assembly in Amsterdam

    The 10th QSC General Assembly, organized by Jonas Helsen and Liubov Markovich, returned to the OBA in Amsterdam. As usual, the day started with reconnecting with our colleagues from different nodes over coffee, and this time also over delicious banana bread.

  • New professor Vedran Dunjko finds real-world problems that a quantum computer can solve.

    When he started high school, his brother gave him an advanced book on quantum computing. That's when he knew what he wanted to pursue. Since 1 October, Vedran Dunjko has been appointed professor of Quantum Computing at the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), working closely with the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION). 

  • 6th QSC Junior Day at TU Delft

    On October 17th, the 6th QSC Junior Day was held at the campus of TU Delft, attended by 70 junior scientists.
    This day was organised by Mio Poortvliet (LION, Leiden) and Yaroslav Herasymenko (QuTech and QuSoft).

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